Monday, 29 April 2019

5 Reasons you need to Clean your Air Ducts Regularly

Clean air and water is a must for a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to indoor circulating air, we certainly have to ensure hygiene in the air duct system. Air duct cleaning is mandatory due to various reasons which we shall discuss. Are you in need of air duct cleaning? In that case, call us at 0410 453 896 and we will be at your service at the earliest. A professional will certainly be able to clean the air ducts to proper industry set specifications. For clean, healthy air circulating indoor, the air ducts have to be properly and periodically maintained and we specialize in doing so.


There are many reasons to keep your air ducts clean out of which, we will discuss the important 5. People who are sensitive to air contaminants would certainly face a lot of health complications without proper maintenance of air ducts.
  • Maintaining Air Quality

We know that the air we breathe sustains life and indoor air quality certainly determines our health conditions. People who currently have diseases related to respiratory system would suffer the most in case of low air quality
  • Avoid bad Odor

We know that a pungent odor is ruining your home’s atmosphere, the main reason could be the mold formation, dust and bacteria in the air ducts. Air Duct Cleaning is the best way to avoid bad odor and mold formation
  • Hair (Both Human and Pets)

We know, human hair fall is not as bad as pets however, it still does get stored in the air ducts. The accumulation of hairs causes germs, fungus and allergy causing bacteria to grow.
  • Efficiency

The efficiency of HVAC system is dependent on the air circulation. Air gets circulated with proper air duct system maintenance. Ducts without proper maintenance would hinder the efficiency of the system
  • Hygiene

A professional air duct cleaners like us could remove around 15 pounds of dust debris and dirt on an average. This is quite an alarming number and yet a fact. Providing excellent quality air to your family certainly improves the life style and hygiene.

Why Hire us?

We would like ask another question in return, why not? We care about the air quality at your home and certainly provide excellent customer service. There many benefits if you hire us. They are: Proper inspection and thorough cleaning of the entire air duct system Usage of proper tools with trained Professionals Duct Cleaning improves the efficient of the heating and cooling equipment Periodic maintenance from a professional improves air quality cleaner and lasts longer Removing allergens, dust, dirt and debris is certainly difficult and would require a professional

Hire a Professional Marks Duct Cleaning Company

We at Mark's Duct Cleaning will respond to your air duct needs within 1 and 2 hours and drop by for inspection and provide a reasonable price. We recommend periodic inspection and cleaning of air ducts to keep the indoor air quality to be the best. Call us today for our duct cleaning services and also Book an Appointment