Thursday, 15 November 2018

How to Clean Ducts?

Ducts are the least reached spaces in a home. They provide us with fresh air and exhaust all the extra heat and polluted air from homes. Therefore they have to be always maintained properly so as to avoid settlement of dust, dirt and cobwebs. No matter you have just shifted to a new home or living in your own place you have to make sure that your ducts are lean. Not only duct cleaning is necessary but in fact, you have to clean them for your own health. Keep the air inside pollution free. Your dead skin cells, pets and regular brooming of floors lead to the settlement of dirt in ducts. It is very unhygienic and poses a serious health hazard. Nevertheless here is the ultimate guide to clean your air ducts at home without professional duct cleaning services

Things Required:

  1. Vacuum cleaner with an accessory hose
  2. Long dust brush
  3. Microfiber cleaning cloth
  4. Rotary dryer vent brush cleaner
  5. Cordless drill

Steps to follow for Duct Cleaning:

Step 1: Remove floor registers, which can be easily removed. Use your cordless drill to unscrew the floor register. After removing them use a large bucket filled with water and detergent. Wash the registers with a cloth and repeat until the registers are clean and dry them off.

Step 2: After leaning the registers attach the dryer vent brush to a cordless drill and work your way inside the ducts. Gently whip off all the walls of the duct to remove dirt and cobwebs. With a slow gentle pace keep whipping of the surface of ducts till you finally reach the end of the duct and remove your brush out of it

Step 3: Use the long dust brush attachment and attach it with the accessory hose of your vacuum cleaner firmly. Now vacuum clean your ducts deep inside with a slow space avoiding the flow of dirt around it. Keep repeating the process until no sign of any dirt or dust is seen.

Step 4: Rinse your microfiber cloth with plain water, you may add a little amount of liquid soap. Reach the insides of the duct and gently scrub off any dirt or skunk sticking to the walls. Rinse the cloth repeatedly after cleaning duct and if you find stubborn dirt you may forcefully scrub them off or may use a Professional Duct Cleaner product.

  After following all the steps given above you can make sure that your ducts are dirt and debris free. It is highly suggested for you to carry routine vacuum duct cleaning time to time as ducts are prone to daily accumulation of dust and debris. By ignoring routine vacuum cleaning you can expose your family to harmful irritants which can cause asthma symptoms, breathing problems and other lung ailments. Hire Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne today for complete eradication of dirt and debris from your ducts and get access to dust-free air to breath in.
Professional Assistance

Now you may take a sigh and take a deep breath after cleaning ducts you will start to feel fresh gup of air. This simple guide is easy to follow and will get you air ducts clean but if you need any professional help you can contact Professional Duct Cleaning Services, we also provide the best services and our experts will help you get your duct cleaning done in no time without you shaking a leg to do it all alone.