Saturday, 15 September 2018

How Often and When, Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

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Marks Duct Cleaning! This is a very important part of home cleaning, when did you think about cleaning your ducts and have you ever taken a look at ducts to confirm whether or not it is clean? Most of the people never think of giving a second visit to the ducts after installing.

Your ducts will start gathering dust, debris, dirt, insects and even rodents and mold after years. This will not only blow the contaminants into your home but when you switch your HVAC system the above elements will clog the vents and makes them work less efficient. This indicates that you must invest more care and attention to heat or cool your building.

How Frequently Must You Clean Your Ducts?

Even though you have ducts with the best filters, it will start collecting the dust and debris after a period of time. Particles will enter the system or escape all the way through the filters. Do not be in conception that you have filters in the system and it is not necessary to clean it often.

Your ducts should be cleaned now and then when you are living in a high pollution area, or area surrounded by construction fields, windy or dusty spots. In this case, your ducts will gather more dust and debris very soon after installing. As results, the dust particles will clog the vents and you’ll start experiencing the poor air quality in your home when the HVAC system is turned on.

Normally, the duct system must be cleaned once in two to three years. If you maintain your system in a proper way by exchanging the filters at least once or twice a year, you will save your money and time for the Professional Duct Cleaning Sevice in Melbourne.

 In case, if you never changed the filters or not even thought of cleaning the system and still it exists in your property more than a couple of years, it is the time to think about cleaning it under the professional guidance. Even a single season is more than enough to build a dust and debris in your system and it will decrease the progress of the system.

When Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

It will not take a long time to clean the HVAC Duct System, for example, if you want to replace the system but you are waiting for the season when you are not going to use the system. In this case, there is plenty of time to clean the ducts before you start using the ducts for next season. However, the best time to clean the HVAC duct system is spring or early days of the rainy season. Or you can clean the duct after shutting down the usage of the system or before you start to use the system again after a long time.

If you experience musty smell after turning the HVAC system after a long time no need to worry, it will clear up within a few minutes. However, this is the good sign that indicates your HVAC must be professionally cleaned.  If the dust and the debris from the vents are blown into your room, you’ll start experiencing the dusty and the musty smell. At this point, don’t waste your time call the professional to clean the system.

Professional Assistance

Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne is a known and experienced name in the field of professional duct cleaning services. By providing you with a complete time chart for routine duct cleaning we can help you get your ducts cleaned time to time at fixed intervals. Our team of professional duct cleaners utilize industrial graded machinery to deliver you complete duct cleaning and can help you achieve a fresh and clean home environment without spending large sums of money.