Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Keep the IAQ of Your House at its Best Level.

Your air ducts are ideal breeding grounds for mold, dust mites, spores and germs. They couldn’t request for a dark, damper place to increase! When your air conditioner or heater is on, these impurities are blow into your house together with dust and dirt.

Removing pollutants from the air duct system is one of the best ways to control dust, decrease indoor air pollution in your house or work, and help long equipment time. We use a mixture of high-powered air, powerful vacuum, rotary brushes, and cleaning solutions to get rid of allergens such as pollen, dust mites, mold and mildew. Contact Marks Duct Cleaning today @0410 453 896. 

Here at we offered a wide range of specialized residential and commercial duct cleaning services to Melbourne’s homes and business. The tools used by our duct cleaners are giving you the highest quality service available. Any products used are certified and safe for your family and pets.

Industry knowledge and years of cleaning experience allow us to offer you a wide variety of air duct cleaning services for your house or place of work. Improving your indoor air quality decrease the source of allergies, asthma, mold, smoke and microbes.

Our highly qualified cleaners arrive fully prepared with all the supplies and tools required to provide a clear difference in the cleanliness of your air ducts. We offer affordable cleaning services that are fully customization to fit your program, budget, and special requirements. We are qualified and insured. Marks Duct Cleaning tries to beat your expectations with our friendly service and quality work. We hope that you continue to call us for your air duct cleaning needs for years to come. It's a guarantee...all work 100% assured!
Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne will also provide you with many professional duct cleaning services like duct dirt removal, duct mould removal and duct sanitization. By using eco-friendly products and efficient chemicals we can promise to deliver the perfect sanitization for your ducts. Hire our services today and get your ducts cleaned within 24 hours.