Friday, 25 August 2017

Air duct cleaners, Services, and Duct cleaning

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If properly installed, a heating and air conditioning system may never need to be cleaned. Most dust and other particulates adhere to the sides of ducting, preventing them from entering the home. Air duct cleaning services may try to tell consumers how poor the air quality in their home is and how their family is at risk because of it. This is simply untrue in almost every case.

On rare occasions, allergens may be present within the system, released into the home and cause illness in one or more member of the household. When this occurs, the air duct cleaners are telling the truth, and the system should be cleaned. Other instances when duct cleaning is recommended include infestation by bugs or animals and microbiological growth such as mold. In these cases a simple visual inspection will reveal the need for a cleaning service.

Relatively little research has been conducted on the possible risks and rewards of air duct cleaning. The EPA does not set standards for indoor air quality or duct cleaning. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is a nonprofit organization which provides a list of certified air duct cleaners. They also provide useful information on what to look for when choosing a cleaning service.

In some cases a chemical treatment may be required, but these are not recommended. Technicians may suggest the application of a biocide to destroy microbiological growth such as mold. They may also use a sealant or encapsulant to prevent future growth and keep particles from being released into the home. Again, these techniques have not been adequately investigated and should not take the place of a standard duct cleaning.

Air duct cleaning can be quite costly and in most cases it is superfluous. It is imperative that homeowners become educated about exactly what is involved and use discretion when deciding whether or not to have their systems cleansed. Check back with Mark's Duct Cleaning for the latest in duct cleaning facts and fiction.
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