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How Can You Prepare Your Home For Festivals With Clean Ducts?

We all know festivals comes with lots of preparation. You do every possible thing to keep our house clean and tidy, you decorate them with lighting, get them whitewashed and what not. To make your home ready for every upcoming festival you pay special attention to maintaining proper hygiene inside your homes. You cross-check that every article placed here and there inside your home are neat, clean and tidy. But what about the air circulating in there? Is it clean too?  Is your home really clean without a clean breathing environment inside it? How can you feel done with the preparation for the festival when duct at your home is circulating foul smell all around. Here we the Mark’s Duct Cleaning are to help you out with this problem of the dirty air duct. This time prepare your home for festivals with a clean duct with us.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

What We Do?

Cleaning duct is not really easy on your own. So here we are to help you get out of this mess. Just give Mark’s Duct Cleaning a call on 0410 453 896 and we will come to your door to clean your dirty duct and together we will get prepared for the festival with a clean duct. We very well understand how important it is to maintain proper hygiene of these ducts to keep your family fit and healthy. to Remember, we are just a call away. The Mark’s Duct Cleaning Melbourne provides you with the fastest services of duct cleaning with affordable charges. We are fast in execution, reliable in action and affordable for you. Customer Satisfaction is our sole responsibility.

Benefits of Keeping Air Duct Clean

  • Ye get a very pleasant environment to live in. If your air duct is clean, you can feel safe about that the air you are breathing is clear and harm-free. This will keep you physically and mentally fit and healthy.
  • Cleaning ducts can help you get rid of microorganisms and other allergic substances that develop inside the duct which can affect your body internally and externally.
  • Clean ducts are odour free. They won't irritate you with the foul smell. The fresh aromas from the air ducts can make the environment at your home pleasant and cheerful.
  • If the duct in your home is loaded with dust it can pollute the environment inside your home and can cause breathing issues to young and elderly people of your family. A clear duct can help in easy breathing and will not allow pollutants to enter your body.
  • A clean and clear duct will let the air from source flow efficiently and evenly inside your home. The dirt can reduce the efficiency of your air duct and can also damage it if any rust develops over it.
Before After Duct Cleaning Melbourne

How Do We Clean Your Air Duct?

  • is the best place to reach out to get your air duct clean and tidy.
  • Our team will reach your home at the desired time when you are convenient.
  • We will soon Unscrew the duct using a from the walls or grills where so ever it is.
  • Using different cleaners, brushes and solution we will remover all stick dirt from your duct.
  • We use powerful vacuums to remove all dust and dirt from your duct from every nook and corner of it.
  • We take minimum time to readjust the duct back in the wall and screw it tightly and properly.
So this festival, make you home actually prepared for celebration with Mark’s Professional Duct Cleaners Melbourne. Remember, we are just a call away. You can call us anytime on 0410 453 896 as we charge least for our service.

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Friday, 27 September 2019

Ways To Help You Repair Your Leaky HVAC Ductwork

A leaky ductwork system leads to rooms getting very hot in summers and too cold in winters. Poorly taped joints and seams can also cause leakage in them. A lot of power gets wasted when heated or cooled air escapes out of the duct. Commercial Duct Repairing professionals check the efficiency of each and every part of the system including ducts to ensure better functioning of the entire HVAC unit for a long term. An assistance of duct repairing professional will help in performing diagnosis of this condition and determining whether a replacement or repair needs to be done. Regular evaluation of ducts and implementing the most suitable methods as per the requirements, keeps your duct in the best working state. Let us see the ways by which the problem of leaky duct can be solved.

Experts Duct Repair Services

Where can you Find Leakage in the Duct?

A ductwork is made by joining several different metal pieces together to form a single duct. These multiple pieces are joined by fastening tools. Any crack in between the joints can cause holes in the joints. This leads to a leaky duct. To fill the gap between these joints, there are a few ways that residential duct repairing professionals employ to seal the leakage and cover the gap.

What is the Damage that a Duct Leak can Cause to a Householder?

Leakage in duct implies that your cooling and heating system will work for a longer time to get the room to your chosen temperature. Leakage in ducts of HVAC system enables air from the furnace or AC to escape. This leads to wastage in the energy, increasing heating as well as increasing cooling expense too.

Effective ways to Get Rid of Leaky Duct

Below are mentioned some of the best ways by which you can seal tears or holes in your ductwork.

Locate Leaks:

To solve the problem of leaky ducts, you need to first start off with proper identification of the leakage. For this you need to switch on your HVAC fan and observe along the ductwork for any drafts that shows escaping air.

Seal Those Leaky Areas:

Due to problems in your duct system, it can cause your HVAC system to run for a longer time, resulting in wastage of a lot of money and time. To seal all leaky areas, switch off the HVAC fan and then apply a special type of metallic “foil tape” for repairing ducts on the gap or the hole. Adhesive tape will lose their hold with time, so it is not recommended. Best Duct Repairs in Melbourne locates and repairs all the different types of issues in the ductwork.

Apply Duct Mastic:

For an added protection layer, you need to apply a coating of duct mastic over the gaps and joints with the help of a paint brush. This sticky and thick material dries in some time and form a rigid airtight seal. It will retain the air inside those ducts without getting escaped.

Ducted Heating Repair

Why Us?

Marks Duct Cleaning, HVAC system services are known for their superior knowledge. The experts are there to make you happy by 24/7 servicers at your doorsteps.

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Thursday, 20 June 2019

What to do in a Duct Emergency?

What would you do if you find the air ducts clogged or broken in the middle of the night? The obvious answer to this question is to call for professional help which is apparently the right thing to do. However, at times, you require doing something to stop the damage from making things all the more worse. Before the Duct cleaning experts come in you need to make sure that the already damaged or broken ducts don’t create any more troubles. Air ducts or broken air ducts as you may call it can be a real trouble especially when it comes to your notice suddenly. There is nothing more difficult than dealing with damaged ductwork. Different kinds of ducts have a different kind of problems associated with them and the modus operandi for dealing with each one of them is different. These ducts can be bifurcated into two types

Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne
  • Flexible ducts
  • Rigid Ducts
While flexible ducts are tube-shaped bendable ducts made with wires coiled around and possess durable plastic for insulation, rigid ducts are more stiff and hard rectangular shaped ducts. Three very common types of rigid ducts are
  • Sheet Metal Ducts
  • Fiberglass lined Ducts
  • Fiberboard Ducts
All three have their own uniqueness, problems and issues that need to be dealt in a different manner altogether.

What Should you do in Duct Emergency?

The most effective step is to call for professional help because no matter what you do, it is always better to seek expert advice. Dealing with a small duct cleaning issue on your own is fine and perfect but sometimes nothing seems better than seeking professional services. Thus, opt for a professional air duct cleaning services to get rid of air duct issues. Duct Cleaning Melbourne is of course not an easy task to begin with and taking risks especially when the entire ventilation system of your house is concerned is the most absurd idea to crawl in to your mind. Professional duct cleaners have the proper equipments, knowledge and resources to deal with duct emergencies. They first analyze and diagnose the problem and then try solving it. Their massive machinery and equipments facilitate the customers with better cleaning. If the ducts are broken they’ll either repair or replace the ducts with new ones. If the ducts are blocked or clogged with contaminants and other harmful elements like dirt and debris they’d implement their duct cleaning methodology. All in all, to get rid of poor ventilation system, blocked or damaged ducts, ill-fitted ductworks, calling specialist helps up to a great extent. It is important in so far that it helps in saving and conserving energy, your time and money without much trouble.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Our Services

We understand that you must be in grave trouble and that is why you have reached out to us for help that is why we do not waste any time in coming to your rescue. Our services are affordable, customized and always customer friendly. We can help in commercial Air duct cleaning as well as Residential Ducts Cleaning. Contact Marks' Duct Cleaning in any duct related emergency, and we will be happy to serve you without putting the same on second priority. We are proud to be your local duct cleaning experts, avail the most of it by just contacting us on time.

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Monday, 29 April 2019

5 Reasons you need to Clean your Air Ducts Regularly

Clean air and water is a must for a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to indoor circulating air, we certainly have to ensure hygiene in the air duct system. Air duct cleaning is mandatory due to various reasons which we shall discuss. Are you in need of air duct cleaning? In that case, call us at 0410 453 896 and we will be at your service at the earliest. A professional will certainly be able to clean the air ducts to proper industry set specifications. For clean, healthy air circulating indoor, the air ducts have to be properly and periodically maintained and we specialize in doing so.


There are many reasons to keep your air ducts clean out of which, we will discuss the important 5. People who are sensitive to air contaminants would certainly face a lot of health complications without proper maintenance of air ducts.
  • Maintaining Air Quality

We know that the air we breathe sustains life and indoor air quality certainly determines our health conditions. People who currently have diseases related to respiratory system would suffer the most in case of low air quality
  • Avoid bad Odor

We know that a pungent odor is ruining your home’s atmosphere, the main reason could be the mold formation, dust and bacteria in the air ducts. Air Duct Cleaning is the best way to avoid bad odor and mold formation
  • Hair (Both Human and Pets)

We know, human hair fall is not as bad as pets however, it still does get stored in the air ducts. The accumulation of hairs causes germs, fungus and allergy causing bacteria to grow.
  • Efficiency

The efficiency of HVAC system is dependent on the air circulation. Air gets circulated with proper air duct system maintenance. Ducts without proper maintenance would hinder the efficiency of the system
  • Hygiene

A professional air duct cleaners like us could remove around 15 pounds of dust debris and dirt on an average. This is quite an alarming number and yet a fact. Providing excellent quality air to your family certainly improves the life style and hygiene.

Why Hire us?

We would like ask another question in return, why not? We care about the air quality at your home and certainly provide excellent customer service. There many benefits if you hire us. They are: Proper inspection and thorough cleaning of the entire air duct system Usage of proper tools with trained Professionals Duct Cleaning improves the efficient of the heating and cooling equipment Periodic maintenance from a professional improves air quality cleaner and lasts longer Removing allergens, dust, dirt and debris is certainly difficult and would require a professional

Hire a Professional Marks Duct Cleaning Company

We at Mark's Duct Cleaning will respond to your air duct needs within 1 and 2 hours and drop by for inspection and provide a reasonable price. We recommend periodic inspection and cleaning of air ducts to keep the indoor air quality to be the best. Call us today for our duct cleaning services and also Book an Appointment 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

How to Clean Ducts?

Ducts are the least reached spaces in a home. They provide us with fresh air and exhaust all the extra heat and polluted air from homes. Therefore they have to be always maintained properly so as to avoid settlement of dust, dirt and cobwebs. No matter you have just shifted to a new home or living in your own place you have to make sure that your ducts are lean. Not only duct cleaning is necessary but in fact, you have to clean them for your own health. Keep the air inside pollution free. Your dead skin cells, pets and regular brooming of floors lead to the settlement of dirt in ducts. It is very unhygienic and poses a serious health hazard. Nevertheless here is the ultimate guide to clean your air ducts at home without professional duct cleaning services

Things Required:

  1. Vacuum cleaner with an accessory hose
  2. Long dust brush
  3. Microfiber cleaning cloth
  4. Rotary dryer vent brush cleaner
  5. Cordless drill

Steps to follow for Duct Cleaning:

Step 1: Remove floor registers, which can be easily removed. Use your cordless drill to unscrew the floor register. After removing them use a large bucket filled with water and detergent. Wash the registers with a cloth and repeat until the registers are clean and dry them off.

Step 2: After leaning the registers attach the dryer vent brush to a cordless drill and work your way inside the ducts. Gently whip off all the walls of the duct to remove dirt and cobwebs. With a slow gentle pace keep whipping of the surface of ducts till you finally reach the end of the duct and remove your brush out of it

Step 3: Use the long dust brush attachment and attach it with the accessory hose of your vacuum cleaner firmly. Now vacuum clean your ducts deep inside with a slow space avoiding the flow of dirt around it. Keep repeating the process until no sign of any dirt or dust is seen.

Step 4: Rinse your microfiber cloth with plain water, you may add a little amount of liquid soap. Reach the insides of the duct and gently scrub off any dirt or skunk sticking to the walls. Rinse the cloth repeatedly after cleaning duct and if you find stubborn dirt you may forcefully scrub them off or may use a Professional Duct Cleaner product.

  After following all the steps given above you can make sure that your ducts are dirt and debris free. It is highly suggested for you to carry routine vacuum duct cleaning time to time as ducts are prone to daily accumulation of dust and debris. By ignoring routine vacuum cleaning you can expose your family to harmful irritants which can cause asthma symptoms, breathing problems and other lung ailments. Hire Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne today for complete eradication of dirt and debris from your ducts and get access to dust-free air to breath in.
Professional Assistance

Now you may take a sigh and take a deep breath after cleaning ducts you will start to feel fresh gup of air. This simple guide is easy to follow and will get you air ducts clean but if you need any professional help you can contact Professional Duct Cleaning Services, we also provide the best services and our experts will help you get your duct cleaning done in no time without you shaking a leg to do it all alone.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Get the Most Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Allergens from Your House

Your home is your castle, but what happens when your castle is causing your allergy to act up?  If you suffer from an allergy, it can be frustrating, especially if indoor allergens are a trigger for your attacks.  Fortunately, there are measures you can take to ensure your home remains your castle and not an allergy trap.  This report will provide you with some excellent ideas for keeping your home allergen free to help you keep your allergy in check.

The air circulating your home is not as clean as you want to believe it's.  Pollutants and irritants in the air can irritate your lungs, making it more difficult for you to breath.  There are some great air filtration systems on the market. You can put money into a built-in system for your home that can effectively filter the air throughout your whole house.  If a built-in system is not just in your budget right now, there are great portable systems which are much more affordable.  These portable systems don't have the same amount of power as the built-ins, but they still do an effective job of filtering the air inside of your dwelling.

Even in the event you've got an air filtration system in your home, dust can still build up quickly.  Dust is a trigger for many people with an allergy, so you want to ensure that your home is as dust free as possible.  Knickknacks and plastic plants are huge dust magnets, so try to keep as little of them around as possible.  This will also make it far easier for you to dust around your house, and if you suffer from an allergy, you should dust often.

The one place in your home that can end up tripping an allergy attack is your bed.  А buіld-uр оf dеаd skіn сеlls, dіrt аnd dust, саn quісklу ассumulаtе іn уоur shееts аnd ріllоws іf nоt сlеаnеd rеgulаrlу.  Showering before going to bed every night can greatly help reduce the number of allergens that develop on your bedding. Regularly washing your bedding is the best way to combat this problem.  Also, stay away from decorative cushions with ruffles, since they tend to trap in the dust.  Keeping your bedding allergen-free can allow you to breathe easier at night by maintaining your allergy in check.

Саrреtіng іs аn ехсеllеnt sроt fоr dust аnd dіrt tо bесоmе trарреd.  Іf уоu are suffеr frоm аllеrgу, уоu mау wаnt tо соnsіdеr еlіmіnаtіng thе саrреtіng іn уоur hоmе.  There are lots of distinct alternatives to carpeting such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, and marble.  Swapping out your floors can make a massive impact in controlling your allergy and allergies.

The last place you want to worry about tripping an allergy attack is in your own home. With the help of these stерs, уоu саn еаsіlу mаkе уоur house аllеrgу frее.  Apply the ideas from this article, and you'll be one step closer to taking control over your allergies. For more info click here: - Duct Cleaning Melbourne.

Professional Assistance Allergens can prove to be very harmful to your overall health and the family of your loved ones. Marks Duct cleaning Melbourne can provide you with complete professional duct cleaning services at affordable costs. Our team of expert staff can help you get rid of all the known and unknown allergens from your ducts and help you get access to fresh breathable air again. We promise to deliver clean and clear ducts within 24 hours. Avail our professional duct cleaning services today and prevent your family from regular and chronic allergic reactions.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Why Hiring Professional For Duct Cleaning Is A Better Option?

Duct cleaning is necessary for your home or business. By maintaining a proper healthy hygiene atmosphere you’ll keep your family and pets safe. While there are certain works, which should be handled by professionals for best results. Professional Duct cleaners know everything about the work, especially when the work is duct cleaning. 


You should know that avoiding cleaning duct can cause a serious problem to your and family health. Regular Duct cleaning is important.  So it’s very important to clean the ducts regularly or by hiring professional duct cleaning services is the best option you can go for. 


Benefits of hiring professional duct cleaning services;

  • Professionals Techniques-

Professional Duct cleaners are skilled and highly qualified. They follow a strict protocol while cleaning this kind of routine makes the work easier. By providing you services like Duct Cleaning, Air Duct, etc. They make sure that your property is free from all the dust and debris. With a 100% guarantee and satisfaction, they do the job done professionally.

  • Multiple services-

Besides cleaning just ducts a professional duct cleaner also repairs and clean drain pans, evaporator coils, handles. When you hire a professional duct cleaning services, you’ll notice the quality of air has been improved and the dust gathering have also stopped. The air is smoothly flowing, resulting in fresh and clean air flow.


  • Save money and time-

Hiring a professional duct cleaner makes your work easier. Professionals know that how much time is required for a duct they carry all the types of modern equipment and Eco-friendly solutions to do the job done on time.

  • Availability of tools and equipment-

Professional duct cleaners maintain all the accessories, chemical solutions and modern machinery needed for cleaning. You can buy all these elements from your near store but it’ll cost you expensive. So it would be a far better option by hiring a professional duct cleaning service. They have an experience in handling all kinds of ducts. They only use the latest environmentally friendly air conditioning products and these products are not harmful to your family or pets.

Looking for a good professional duct cleaning service;

Our services provide you with the best option for duct cleaning and repair. Hire our professional Duct cleaning service and go for the latest offers. For effortless duct cleaning at your home or business in less time, book your booking at our services today.

Marks Duct Cleaning Melbourne has a huge list of satisfied customers who availed our services and got their ducts thoroughly cleaned in no time. Our team of Professional Duct Cleaners can provide you with a safe and scientific way for routine duct cleaning and by utilizing eco-friendly products we can offer you the best duct sanitization services which help keep your home environment clean. Breath in the fresh air again by hiring our services and forget constant worrying about harmful air pollutants and dust.